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Ares Armament is a disabled veteran-owned Firearms, Ammo Manufacturing, and Gunsmithing Company founded by a couple Battle Brothers who served together.

In a day and age when our 2A rights are always under attack, we believe in family, and those that shot together grow together.

At Ares Armament, top-notch customer service, and education is the key to success. From children who learn to respect a firearm to people who have never held one, but have negative opinions of them, we want to educate and be part of our community – not just the firearms community, but also hunting, and competitive shooting in local towns, our state and yours.

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We are a Wisconsin-based Firearms and Ammo manufacturer who puts customer service and knowledge ahead of time. Knowledge is both power and accuracy in this industry. Trust us with your investments and we will stand next to you and your purchase.

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New shooters, experienced shooters or people that want to learn about shooting. We have the product and experience to guide you.

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